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Technology examples

Technological developments of the highest level

Compact Dynamics offers innovative technologies for almost any application of electrical drives, whether for motor or generator applications, or whether rotational or linear in movement.

We can only reveal a very limited range of details regarding our technologies and product examples, because practically all of our work is tailor-made for our clients, and also kept confidential.

Every client has a different developmental focus, depending upon how requirements are prioritized.

Compact Dynamics is able take all of these priorities into consideration when developing drives and power electronics.

  • Motor sports
    • Focus: performance, efficiency, power density
  • Aviation
    • Focus: performance, efficiency, reliability, noise
  • Marine
    • Focus: power density, torque, efficiency, noise, costs
  • Automotive
    • Focus: performance, costs, D2M
  • Commercial vehicles
    • Focus: costs, power density, torque
  • Industry
    • Focus: costs, D2M
Technological developments of the highest level

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04.04.2019 - 20.09.2019
Stege . Seen . Seejungfrauen
Maren Martell . photography &
Brigitte Gattinger . wooden sculptures

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