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Leistungsvalidierung Elektrische Antriebe

Test benches

Commissioning and documenting system performance data within an in-house testing environment


  • 4 dynamometers for electric machines up to 500 kW with liquid cooling circuits from -25 °C to +120 °C
  • Dynamometer for electronic components and power modules up to 600 A
  • Shaker test bench
  • Stable containment for high-speed machines
  • Establishing performance data
    • Speeds, torques, outputs
    • Component temperatures, even with thermography
    • Vibrations
    • Coolant temperatures and throughflow
    • Complete recording of measured values in performance measurements
test benches
test benches

We have in-house test benches for measuring individual components as well as entire drive systems.

Depending on client requirements, performance data for power electronics, controlling electrical machines, and the entire power train are set out in detail.

Among other things, the torques, outputs, component temperatures, vibrations, coolant temperatures, and throughflow can be continuously recorded during systems operation.

Test benches for electrical machines up to 500 kW with liquid cooling circuits from -25 °C to +120 °C are available.

system control
system control
test bench environment
test bench environment

Software function for machine and system control is also optimized and verified on the test benches. Extensive measurement and testing experience allows comprehensive coverage of development results.

We use a special test bench with stable containment for very-high-speed electrical machines, e.g., flywheel storages, during the development and test phase.

If necessary, the test bench environment can be equipped or converted for specific project requirements.


Compact Dynamics is exclusive FIA supplier for the hybrid system from 2022 to 2024

The WRC family will experience the first WRC rally in Latvia from 18 to 21 July 2024. Many stages await the teams, some high-speed special stages on gravel that require a lot of courage, and all of this in picturesque Latvia. From Liepāja on the Baltic coast, the routes lead via Riga and into the regions of Tukums, Talsi, Kuldīga and Dienvidkurzeme.

We are very excited and wish the teams lots of fun and exciting races. 

Compact Dynamics will be present in Latvia and will support the FIA and rally teams on track with 3 support engineers.

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