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Our specialties include high control dynamics and high clock frequencies.


  • Short development times
  • Controlling very high fundamental frequencies of up to 7 kHz
  • Controlling very high clock frequencies of up to 60 kHz
  • Real-time operating system with TCP/IP stack
  • Fast data visualization via XCP over Ethernet
  • Implementation of client-specific functions
  • Validation and optimization of entire systems on our test benches

The high power densities of our drive systems are achieved by a high number of magnetic poles and the high speeds of our electrical machines.

This means high pole change frequencies, and therefore high clock frequencies, in electronics and software. The high control dynamics required in auto racing places extreme demands on controller cycle time and resolution of pollage capturing.

Controller Software Package
Controller Software Package

Processing particularly time-critical functions in an FPGA means that various application-specific tasks can, nevertheless, still be carried out on the micro-controller of the in-house controller platform.

A real-time operating system, supplemented by a TCP/IP stack, allows for CAN communication, as well as the application and fast data visualization via XCP over Ethernet.

The controller platform we use generally consists of the following:

  • The controller platform we use generally consists of the following:
  • Xilinx SoC XA7Z020 (600MHz Dual Core and FPGA)
  • Intelligent Watchdog Infineon CIC61508
  • OSEK-compliant (AUTOSAR®-BSW)
  • Coding via Matlab/Simulink
  • Access via CAN and XCP-over-Ethernet interface
  • Control modes
    • Torque control
    • Speed control
    • Power control
    • Sensorless control

This makes Compact Dynamics capable of implementing both demanding and fast control algorithms, as well as client-specific features, within short development times, and optimizing and validating these within the entire system on in-house test benches.

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