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Prototype building and production

All customer-specific components are designed, confidentially, under one roof.

Our prototype building and production department builds prototypes and small batches of all components, as well as entire systems for electrical drives and power electronics.

This also includes production and assembly of all mechanical components, such as rotors, stators, magnets, and windings, combined with stringent quality control checks after every step.

We have all the necessary measurement technologies for this purpose.

production and assembly
production and assembly
assembly room
assembly room
measurement technologies
measurement technologies
quality assurance
quality assurance
limited series production
limited series production

We also have extensive experience in the fields of bonding and molding technologies. For special materials, we also have, among other things, annealing furnaces, e.g. in an atmosphere with hydrogen.

Power electronics and controls are designed in-house and entirely by ourselves. The corresponding instruments for quality assurance are also available, including test benches for power modules and circuit boards.

Production of power electronics systems takes place in an assembly room, in line with ESD guidelines. For limited series production of mechanical and electronic components, we can supply our clients with up to 1,000 units per year.

quality control checks
quality control checks

Expertise and skills:

  • Acquiring hardware for prototypes and limited series (approx. 1,000 units)
    • Laboratory samples, A and B samples
    • Limited series of all components and systems
  • Assembly work
    • Production and assembly of electric motors
      • With integrated positioning sensors
      • With integrated power electronics
      • With integrated transmission
      • Production and assembly of electronics in an ESD-protected environment
    • Assembly of individual components and installation kits
      • Rotors
        • Balancing
        • Producing rotors as external rotors
        • Producing rotors as internal rotors
        • Production of GRP / CRP / Zylon rotor sleeves Assembly of rotor sleeves (laminating / shrinking / winding)
      • Stators
        • Cutting laminates
        • Packaging laminates
        • Vacuum molding
        • Molding within an atmosphere
      • Electrical testing
        • Surge voltage
        • HV testing
        • Partial discharge
        • L + R measurement
      • Magnets
        • Bonding of magnets
          • NdFeB
          • SmCo
          • Plastic-bonded
        • Packaging of magnets
          • From discs up to 0.5 mm
        • Bonding to rotor shafts
        • Production of magnet packages for buried magnets
        • Magnetization
        • Measurement of magnetic materials
        • Measurement of magnetic circuits
      • Windings
        • Winding formed coils
        • Production of insulation
        • Mechanical stripping
        • Thermal stripping
        • Electrical testing
          • Surge voltage
          • HV testing
          • Partial discharge
          • L + R measurement
      • Connection elements
        • Wiring
        • Crimping
        • Soft soldering
        • Resistor soldering
    • Assembly of mechanical modules and components
      • Bearings
      • Transmission
      • Housing
      • Cooling circuits
      • Cold soldering
      • Leak tests
        • Pressure drop test
        • Helium leak tests
      • Flow tests
      • Plasma treatment
    • Assembly of mechatronic modules and components
      • Actuators
      • Pneumatics
      • Electropneumatics
    • Assembly of electronic modules and components
      • Power units
      • Control electronics
      • Signal converters
      • Cable harnessing
      • Hand soldering THT
      • Vacuum soldering
      • Vacuum vapor phase soldering
      • Component testing
      • Functional testing
    • Bonding and molding technologies with various glues and casting compounds
      • Single-component glues
      • Dual-component glues
      • Heat-curing glues
      • Cold-curing glues
      • Epoxides
      • Acrylates
      • PU systems
  • Device construction
    • Joining and press-in devices
    • Positioning devices
    • Bonding and masking devices
    • Molding devices
    • Soldering devices
    • Workpiece carriers for mechanical processing
    • Bending devices
    • Measurement and testing devices
    • Manipulators for handling and transport
    • Leak test adapters
    • Test benches and test bench adaptations


Compact Dynamics is exclusive FIA supplier for the hybrid system from 2022 to 2024 and we're still on board until 2026!

The WRC in South America - the WRC Rally Chile Bio Bio hosts the port city of Concepción from September 28 - October 01, 2023.  The roads in the surrounding forests are technically challenging, fast and gently rolling. The more open stages offer impressive views of the Pacific Ocean. We wish all teams good luck and success!

Compact Dynamics supports FIA and competitors with 3 trackside support engineers

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