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Mechanical development

Ideas and concepts for highly-integrated, mechatronic systems

The Mechanical Development department is responsible for all mechanical design aspects of electrical drive systems:

  • Concept development for rotors, stators, windings, and wiring
  • Concept design for cooling, connectors, and mechanical interfaces
  • In-depth development of electrical machines
    • Active components (rotors, stators, windings, and wiring)
    • Housing
    • Storage
    • Cooling
    • Transmission
    • Production and assembly devices
  • In-depth development of power electronics
    • Power modules
    • Circuit boards
    • Intermediate circuits
    • Busbars and connection elements
    • Cooling
    • Production and assembly devices
  • Development of new production processes
  • Optimization of design
  • Creating drawings and parts lists
  • Vendor support
  • Including integration and interface coordination with client systems, if necessary

The “Mechanical Development” department is also deeply involved in designing electrical drive systems:

  • Concept development
  • Optimization of detailed solutions, in collaboration with the Calculation department
  • In-depth construction up to the creation of all production documentation, including work and inspection instructions, according to a certified quality management system.

Use of state-of-the-art materials, and prior testing of these in a series of tests, leads to new opportunities in the design of electrical machines.

years of experience in designing electrical drives ...
years of experience in designing electrical drives ...

Our years of experience in designing electrical drives with the greatest possible power density and optional integration of transmission and/or power electronics directly into the motor housing make tailored solutions in minimal installation space possible.

Our years of expertise are supported by the latest CAD, CAE, and CAM systems, which are fully integrated into the company's processes by means of a specialized PDM and ERP system.


Compact Dynamics is exclusive FIA supplier for the hybrid system from 2022 to 2024 and we're still on board until 2026!

The WRC in South America - the WRC Rally Chile Bio Bio hosts the port city of Concepción from September 28 - October 01, 2023.  The roads in the surrounding forests are technically challenging, fast and gently rolling. The more open stages offer impressive views of the Pacific Ocean. We wish all teams good luck and success!

Compact Dynamics supports FIA and competitors with 3 trackside support engineers

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