Compact Dynamics Beratung

Development and consulting

We can provide support, even in the run-up to a joint project.

  • Electric motors
    • Evaluation and comparison of potential motor topologies
    • Selection of voltage-level and appropriate controls
    • Assessment of achievable
      • outputs
      • efficiency levels
      • weights
  • Power electronics
    • Conceptual support and design of power electronics systems
    • Evaluation and comparison of potential circuit topologies
  • Integrated complete systems
    • Everything in one housing
    • Transmission integration
    • With joint cooling circuits
  • General
    • Preparation of feasibility studies
    • Reviews of concepts and specifications
    • Drawing up specifications and requirements
[Translate to ENG:] Entwicklung und Beratung

Such “preparation” makes a go/no-go decision possible, as well as the basis for entering into a development project.

We can demonstrate our technological edge, even in the advisory phase, by considering possible drive concepts that meet your specific requirements.

Our experience covers

  • Synchronous / asynchronous machines
  • Radial flow machines
  • Axial / transversal flow machines
  • Reluctance machines
  • Separately-excited machines / permanently-excited machines
  • Linear drives
  • Actuators

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Exibition until 30.09.2020
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Brigitte Gattinger . wooden sculptures

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