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Compact Dynamics

Compact Dynamics

Your development partner for “special” requirements

Compact Dynamics is a flexible service provider for basic and prototype development, as well as manufacturing prototypes of high-performance electrical drives and power electronics, offering the highest degree of innovation and integration density.

Our clients include motor sports teams, renowned car manufacturers or suppliers, and also visionaries with extraordinary vehicle concepts that need services like ours.

Our applications are used in

  • Motor sports
    (drive systems and generators / MGU's for Formula 1, WEC, and Formula E)
  • Aviation
    (drive systems and generators for electrical aviation)
  • The automotive industry
    (early concepts, initial samples, pre-series design)

For over 30 years, we have developed and produced drive systems and power electronics with exceptional power density for motor sports and concepts, as well as research and pre-development projects.

We provide support for the resulting serial developments, in conjunction with production partners for electrical drives and power electronics.

What sets us apart:

  • Extremely short development times - due to simultaneous engineering
  • Team expertise - due to a matrix organization
  • Resilience and a solution-oriented approach - from years of experience

We're able to achieve very short development times of approx. 6 - 10 months, from the concept phase to the beginning of the validation of samples and production of small batches.

short timeline

This is possible because our project teams are extremely skilled at delivering solutions.

Prioritizing of project objectives is done in close cooperation with our clients. While sheer performance is of the utmost importance in motor sports, unit price is key in a series production project.

This means we can achieve power densities of over 10 kW / kg in performance projects, along with even greater integration density of the electric motor, power electronics, and transmission in one housing, while also ensuring suitable serial production design (D2M, D2C) for series applications.

development partner for special requirements


Compact Dynamics is exclusive FIA supplier for the hybrid system from 2022 to 2024

The WRC Rally Croatia awaits the teams from April 18 to 21, 2024 with challenging routes. High-speed stretches alternate with tight, tricky bends. The sometimes smooth, sometimes bumpy and sometimes brittle, highly variable grip level confronts the drivers with complex tasks. It will be exciting! We wish all teams good luck, courage and success at Rally Croatia 2024!

Compact Dynamics supports FIA and competitors with 3 trackside support engineers

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